Moneybookers Merchant

In this section you will find information about Moneybookers merchant accounts.

If you want to accept instant, secure payments from anyone with a credit/debit card or bank account, than the Moneybookers merchant account is the one for you.

The Moneybookers merchant advantages are this:

  1. Turn your international traffic into cash – “local” payments from over 30 countries. Avoid lost sales by letting consumers pay the way they prefer.
  2. Integration with Moneybookers FREE of charge.
  3. Low transaction fees (as low as 1% capped at EUR 0.50)
  4. All payments are made instantly – money can be transferred to your bank account as soon as it is received. No rolling reserve!
  5. 100% fraud and chargeback protection on request
  6. Sell with ease: convenient HTML interface, simple integration, detailed transaction records.
  7. Inclusion in our shopping directory – boost sales!

How to set up a Moneybookers merchant account:

  1. First, click here and open your Moneybookers account (the browser will open in a new window). Choose either an individual or a company account type.
  2. Choose the payment option you want to accept on your Website: Moneybookers Email Pay (Basic) or Moneybookers Merchant Gateway (Standard)
  3. Create and place the Moneybookers payment buttons on your Website

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