Moneybookers Accounts

In this section you will find information about Moneybookers accounts

There are two types of Moneybookers accounts. The Personal Moneybooker account and the Company Moneybookers account.

  1. The Personal Moneybooker account – An account registered in the name of a person. Payments and account management are in the name of the registered person.
  2. The Company Moneybooker account – An account registered in the name of a company. Payments and account management are in the name of the registered company. A representative from the company must be registered on the account. Deposits and withdrawals can be made from/to a bank account held under the representative’s name or the company’s’ name.Click here to create a free Moneybookers account while continuing reading the benefits. The official website will open in a new window.

If you want to sell products on your web site you can get the Moneybookers merchant account.

If you want to do auction payments, domain name transfers and any other type of national or international trading you can use the Moneybookers Escrow services.

Moneybookers account currency

After your account has been opened, a change of currency is not possible unless your transaction history is empty. If this applies to you, you should go to the Messaging Centre: ‘My Profile’ and there select ‘I want to change the currency of my Moneybookers account’.

The Moneybookers account is not a bank account!

The Moneybookers account is made of electronic money stored on an online stored-value account. Your funds are redeemable at any time.

Can I have more than one Moneybookers accounts?

No. Each user can have only one account, as stated on their official website, in the FAQ section.

Email adress for the Moneybookers account:

You can have up to five email addresses in the profile section of your Moneybookers account. You cannot add more than 5 email addresses for security reasons. Each one must be verified.

What is the difference between a personal Moneybookers accound and a company Moneybookers account?

As stated in their official website: “In regards to fee policy and general terms & conditions, there is no difference between a personal and a company account. No funds from a company bank account can be deposited to a personal Moneybookers account though. They are considered third party deposits, which is strictly disallowed with Moneybookers.”

If you want to find more you can ask them on their Moneybookers mail adress.

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