How to send money with Paypal

In this section you will find information about How to send money with Paypal

To send money with Paypal you must follow these steps:

  1. Open your account (click here -> if you don’t have one, it will open in a new tab)
  2. Click the Send Money tab.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Review the details of the payment, including the payment method. To choose another payment method for the payment, click the More Funding Options link and select your preferred payment method. To change any information, click Change.
  6. Click Send Money to send the payment. Note: If you change your payment details, the payment method will return to the default.

Paypal sends the money in one of the most secure ways available online.

Send Paypal/Get Paypal funds

If you know another person that wants to send you money to Paypal, simply click the Request Money tab and follow the steps.

Send money with Paypal from your mobile phone:

You need to register a phone and create a PIN. PayPal uses an automated system to call you on the phone and verify the PIN, and the phone is then usable.

To send a person to person payment, you either text the payment amount and recipient’s phone number to PayPal, or call a toll free number and follow the directions. There are no additional charges for using PayPal Mobile. If you have a business or premium account, normal fees to receive money apply. And, of course, most mobile carriers charge for text messages.

To send money with Paypal Mobile follow this steps:

  1. Open your account (click here -> if you don’t have one, it will open in a new tab). Activate your phone by visiting this link.
  2. Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL). Include the amount and the phone number or email address. Examples:
  3. They will call or text you to confirm the payment.
  4. Your friend will get a text message saying you sent money and how she can get it if her phone isn’t activated for PayPal Mobile.

What can people do with the money I send them?

  1. Send it to someone else by phone.
  2. Spend it online anywhere PayPal is accepted.
  3. Move it to their bank account.
  4. Request a check from PayPal.
  5. Get cash out of an ATM.

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