How to send money with Moneybookers

In this section you will find information about How to send money with Moneybookers

Follow this steps:

  1. First you create an account (click here -> it will open in a new tab). You fund your account with necesary money. The most common way to fund your account is via bank transfer: Go to: “Upload Funds” sectoion choose bank transfer as a payment method -> You will be provided with bank details and your customer ID which is the reference for your transfer.
  2. Then you have to open the Send Money tab and follow the instructions. You only need the email address of the recipient to execute the payment. You need to have sufficient funds in your Moneybookers account to cover the payment.
  3. Depending on your user status, there may be a transaction limit set on sending money. You may check the limit currently available to you at any time. For more information check out our Moneybookers Accounts section

How long does it take to send money trough Moneybookers?

Payments are made instantly but if the recipient is not yet a Moneybookers member he will be notified to first sign in at to receive the payment.

Can I send money to someone who is not a Moneybookers member?

Yes, the recipient does not need to be a member at the time of sending the money but he needs to register at Moneybookers in order to collect the money sent to his email address.

Can I cancel a payment that I made after sending the money?

If the transfer is still pending, you can cancel it at any time. If the transfer is completed, Moneybookers cannot reverse the payment anymore. We recommend you contact the recipient directly and make arrangements for him to return the money to you

What happens to payments that are not collected by the recipient?

It is our policy to cancel all transactions which remain unclaimed for more than 14 days and return the funds to the sender.

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