Exchange Moneybookers to:

In this section you will find how to exchange Moneybookers ecurrency to the other online service provider e-currency.

Yes you can do some Moneybookers exchanges but the officials clearly state that you should not. Ecurrency exchange is not available widely. But there are some “in house” methods for doing it. Keep in mind that whatever ecurrency exchanging you do, you do it on your risk.

If I have no choice, I must exchange the money to another ecurrency, is there any option available?

Yes, there are 3 options available

  1. The coolest trick in the book is to find a online service website, that accepts payments from all the ecurrencies. They must have a virtual account where you store your money. Depozit with the Moneybookers account there, extract with the desired ecurrency. This is really the best and the single method in which you don’t have to put your trust in somebody else. Check the end of this page for more details about how to exchange money from your Moneybookers account to the other e-currencies in this way. The only downside of this method is the commision deducted when depositing and withdrawing from the third account. With this method you can exchange Moneybookers to Paypal or you can exchange Moneybookers to eGold.
  2. Ask a friend which has the targeted e-currency account. Transfer money to his Moneybookers account and he transfers money to your equivalent service account. The problem is that you may not have friends with Moneybookers accounts. Than you can start making some friends in the online forums like Digitalpoint, Webtalk. You must be really trustworthy to make a succesfull exchange with them.
  3. Go to a online e-currency exchange website. Keep in mind that there is no true “trusted” website in this field and you can loose all your transferred money by trying it. And even more, moneybookers officials can get mad an freeze your account. So avoid this method as much as you can

There is high number of ecurrency scams

Do not trust any website that tells you that they exchange money. You will be tricked and you won’t get your money back. Even more, officials from Moneybookers will freeze your account if they find out. There is no official ecurrency exchange program and no trusted ecurrency trading websites. Remember that you are the first who sends them money. How can you force them to send you back? So better stay out of it. MoneyBookers payments are instant, non-refundable. Once a transfer is made it can’t be taken back

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