Exchange Moneybookers to eGold

In this section you can learn how to exchange Moneybookers to eGold. How to transfer your currency from Moneybookers to eGold.

Many people say that they do not allow it. Even tough in the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions we couldn’t find something specific on this matter. Ecurrency exchange is not available widely. But you really must do it there are some “in house” methods for doing it. Keep in mind that whatever ecurrency exchanging you do, you do it on your risk.

How to exchange from Moneybookers to eGold

The coolest trick in the book is to find a online service website, that accepts payments from all the e-currencies. This was introdiced first at You need an account on Getafreelancer. Don’t worry – the basic version is free – and has all the features you need to perform exchanges. Off course, you will need – and I assume you have a Moneybookers and a eGold and account. Just deposit in your GAF (Getafreelancer) account money from any of your e-curency account and after you made $30 – yes, there is a withdraw limit – you can withdraw it on any account you would like. There is an option to withdraw the money on a debit card but I won’t qualify that as “cheap way to exchange e-currency”. This are the basic steps that you could follow in order to trade currency from Moneybookers to Paypal. Here you can read the whole article on how to exchange E-gold, Paypal, Moneybookers.

Are there other methods for exchanging the e-currency?

Yes, there are two more ways, but the risk of loosing the money is big. We do not advise you to use them.

  1. The second way to trade Moneybookers funds to eGold is to ask a friend. Be shure that he has both Moneybookers and eGold accounts. You send the money from your Moneybookers account to his Moneybookers account and he sends the money from his eGold account to your eGold account. The problem is that you may not have friends with both types of accounts. Than you can start making some friends in the online forums like Digitalpoint, Webtalk. You must be really trustworthy to make a succesfull exchange with them.
  2. The third way is to go to a online e-currency exchange website. Keep in mind that there is no true “trusted” website in this field and you can loose all your transferred money by trying it. And even more, moneybookers officials can get mad an freeze your account. So avoid this method as much as you can

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